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What do I need to know or do before my booking?

Our team makes it easy and efficient for you so there isn’t much for you to worry about!


We do ask the house is presentable and ready to be shot when our photographers arrive. If you’re not available to meet us, please pass on access details to


Our photographers know how to get the best shot but if theres something you’d like in particular, please communicate this at the time of your booking or with your photographer.


Have something prepared in terms of script if you’re doing a piece to camera or voiceover.


We’re working with the sun which means we must stick to schedule! Make sure the house is ready to be shot and that all the lights/lamps are turned on and functional.

Turnaround time:

1 working day for photos and floor plans and 2 working days for videos. If you require a quicker turnaround time, please let us know in advance to accomodate.


Both photos and videos will be sent to you in a dropbox link via email

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